PHP Tools


Limited Spaces Available for this Event



9:30 am – 5:00 pm


This is a practical session; please bring a laptop with git and PHP 5.3.9+ installed, including a working PHP CLI.  Alternatively, install Virtualbox and a VM will be available for use on the day.

On Friday 14th March, for second time in March, TCube will host trainer Lorna Mitchell.

This one-day practical workshop is all about getting the best from PHP’s ecosystem.

  • Learn the new PSR standards and how to implement them in your applications.
  • Use PEAR and Composer to add libraries and tools to your new application.
  • Combine tools with phing for automation

About PHP – Tools Workshop

During the day you will be using git to obtain code, and both PEAR and Composer to add libraries and tools to your new application.  With quality assurance in mind, this session will cover the new PSR standards and how to implement them in your applications.  There will be opportunity to install and use phploc, phpcs and phpdoc, and to combine these tools with phing for automation.  The aim is to give you all the tools you need to make the most of today’s modern PHP tools and standards.

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PHP Tools is just one of two PHP workshops in March. You might be also interested in PHP – Object Orientated Programming